Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Critical Case Of Murder - Episode 1 - The Scissor Sister

So, even though I haven't had much time to post on this blog as much,. I've been routinely updating things on The Critical Android YouTube channel. 

Not long ago, I recorded a podcast episode about true crime as part of a series called: A Critical Case of Murder. I recorded it with my friend Teresa from Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, for some odd reason that I can't figure out, the episode isn't watchable on YouTube in Ireland.

This is frustrating for two reasons:

1) The guest of the episode can't listen to it in her own country
2) The murder case involved in the episode took place in Ireland. Kinda would be nice if the country involved in the case could hear it.

So, with those two things in mind, I've posted the video here to the blog so that people can actually listen to it. It's just a picture and audio; so you know, a podcast you don't have to actually "watch" to enjoy. Hopefully you'll enjoy it regardless though, it was a lot of fun recording it.

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