Monday, February 8, 2016

Lost Songs from Soundtracks - Friday Night's A Great Night For Football

The Song: "Friday Night's A Great Night For Football."
The Artist: Bill Medley
The Movie: The Last Boy Scout

Where to start with this little oddity? The Last Boy Scout is a kind of buddy cop film, except the two protagonists aren't exactly buddies, and neither of them are cops. It's written by Shane Black, who also wrote Lethal Weapon. It is quite similar to it in many respects, i.e the tone, atmosphere, comedy, character relationships, etc .

One thing it does have that Lethal Weapon doesn't is this amazingly bad theme song, sung by Bill Medley. By "theme song" I'm not referring to the movie itself, but the in-movie telecast of Friday Night Football. Like it's real life counterpart, Monday Night Football, the program has an over the top rock number to introduce itself. 

Sung by Bill Medley (one half of The Righteous Brothers) the song is "Friday Night's A Great Night For Football" and is just as corny and bombastic as the Hank Williams Jr. "All My Rowdy Friends" that opened Monday Night Football for years. 

It figuratively beats you over the head with guitars, horns, keyboards, ham-fisted lyrics, female backing vocalists, and absolutely no substance what-so-ever. By no means is it a well-written song, but it's really not meant to be either; it's intended to be the overly dramatic, excessive anthem that you'd hear in front of a sporting event. 

Incidentally, Friday night is actually a terrible night for football. Friday's are routinely one of the lowest ratings nights for television across all types of programs. That's why there's the term, "Friday Night Death Slot" where shows that can't hold up much longer get slotted to burn off whatever episodes they have left. 

But now you can listen to the track in all of its terrible glory! Enjoy!

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