Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lost Songs From Soundtracks - El Dorado

The Song: "El Dorado"
The Artist: Elton John
The Movie: The Road To El Dorado

It's not really so much that this song is forgotten so much as the movie and soundtrack itself are. The Road To Eldorado was heavily touted for its re-teaming of Elton John and Tim Rice who had previously worked on The Lion King and struck gold with two hit singles on the Billboard chart and two Academy Awards for Best Original Score and Best Original Song.

Even though they got the team back together, the soundtrack wasn't successful at all and neither was the film. One of the songs from the soundtrack, fittingly titled, "El Dorado" is actually quite good, but it's obviously not on the level of "Circle of Life" or the Oscar winning, "Can You Feel The Love Tonight." Despite this, "El Dorado" is still a pretty fun song with a great vocal from Elton.

It's lyric tells the mythical tale of the city of El Dorado and the history that leads to its relevance to the film's plot. The arrangement is peppier than its Lion King brethren by being more upbeat and peppy. Elton belts out the notes in his baritone croon and is accompanied by a lush, warm arrangement that sports horns, snappy drum fills, and a fairly light keyboard backing.

I can't necessarily recommend the movie or the rest of the soundtrack for that matter, but "El Dorado" itself is a nice little take away from this box office effort.

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