Monday, February 1, 2016

Great Video Game Music - Zone J - Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers

There are few things like a good NES chip tune to evoke nostalgia and get the toe-tapping. As I mentioned in a previous entry in this series about Mega Man 8's "Frost Man Theme," the Mega Man games are exceptional for producing great, quality, 8-bit music. This wasn't just limited to the blue bomber however, Capcom put a good deal of work into the music of their other games and franchises too.

Back in the late '80s and early to mid '90s, Capcom was the company of choice for Disney to let make games from their intellectual properties. This partnership resulted in a number of classics, including DuckTales, The Magical Quest: Starring Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, Goof Troop, and Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers. All of them had some memorable music, and in the case of Rescue Rangers some of the songs are unmistakably Capcom.

This track, "Zone J" plays very late into the game and sounds like it easily could've been ripped right from a Mega Man title. Considering the composer, Harumi Fujita, also composed some music for Mega Man 3 this shouldn't be much of a surprise.

The song itself is interesting for a number of reasons; one of them being the change-ups it throws to the listener. The opening is uniquely sparse, with just the solitary notes being played before sliding into a slinking kind of groove. This gives way to a more upbeat section that truly sounds like the best song that never made it into a Mega Man title. 

It's not a terribly long piece, but it doesn't have to be either; the loop has enough variety in it to where each repetition sounds fresh.

That's some good chip tune. 

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