Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Great Video Game Music - The Color Of The Summer Sky - Secret Of Mana

Secret Of Mana is frequently regarded as one of the strongest games to be released for the Super Nintendo. It was lauded then, as it is now, for its fantastic world, action based combat, colorful graphics, and fantastic music. Even though the SNES wasn't technically suited for producing high quality, orchestral music, the sounds it could produce were stellar for 1993.

Composer Hiroki Kikuta put a tremendous amount of work into not only the composition of the music itself, but also into finding ways to convert it to a computerized, "MIDI" format (as is known for this kind of digitized music) that was as close to the sound he envisioned as possible. Even though there was only so much he could do with the technology at hand, the fruits of labor are shown on tracks like The Color of the Summer Sky:

Even though it's a relatively short loop of music, it accomplishes a lot in that time. The overall tone is very happy and serene, as made evident by the ascending keyboard chords and happy chimes. The brisk tempo is highlighted by a percussion track dominated by a pleasantly powerful snare drum that punches through the arrangement. 

In game, this song plays whenever you're in a friendly town. Considering these areas are places of respite and sanctuary, this happier music is perfectly suited for the time and place. And while the entirety of the soundtrack is spectacular, none of it reaches the levels of happiness that this track embodies. 


  1. The SNES had some great tunes; a lot of them came out of this game.