Thursday, February 25, 2016

Critical Quick Review - Deadpool

Film: Deadpool
Year: 2016
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein
Directed by: Tim Miller

Quick Plot: Ryan Reynolds plays Wade Wilson, a mercenary with an incredibly caustic and crude sense of humor. He falls in love with a woman named Vanessa but their happy relationship hits a rock when Wade develops late stage cancer. He leaves Vanessa and agrees to undergo an experimental procedure run by Francis, otherwise known as "Ajax." Francis' experiments attempt to unlock mutant genes in people and cause them to develop super powers. The experiments drastically scar Wade's body and push his mind into even crazier territory than where it was before. Now with incredible regenerative healing abilities, super human strength and agility, an ability to be aware that he's in a movie, and using the moniker, Deadpool; Wade aims to find Francis, get him to restore his appearance, and reunite with Vanessa.

What works: The humor - It's a damn funny movie but not quite as crude as the advertising campaign portrayed it to be; which is good, since that was REALLY over the top. It also takes full advantage of its R-rating in order to hit hard and fast with jokes that strongly fit with the perverse nature of the character.

The action - Very violent with the gore played up for laughs instead of blood lust. Once again that R-rating comes in handy

Ryan Reynolds - He's perfect in the role. He nails the irreverent comedy, ludicrous nature of the character, and the film's legitimately heartfelt love story.

The heart - Surprisingly, the movie actually does have a warm heart underneath everything and it compels you to really want to see Deadpool get back with Vanessa.

What Doesn't Work: The origin story - The film alternates between Deadpool's current quest to find Francis and his past of meeting Vanessa and undergoing the experiments that made him into who he is. While both sequences are strong, the movie opens with a bang and then dives into the past for a good chunk of time only to bring us back to the present, then back to the past for even longer. It feels like some material could've been cut from this origin story section of the movie in order to tighten up the pacing, maintain the brilliantly funny situations that Deadpool gets into, and shorten the run time a bit.

The main villain - Francis isn't so much an interesting villain; the interesting part is watching Deadpool want to kill him,

Is It Worth Your Time: Yes, by all means yes. If you enjoy action/comedy with intentionally over the top elements, this is a great movie. It also works as a wonderful send-up of the typical comic book hero story by not giving Deadpool all the heroic traits you'd expect out of a superhero; something Deadpool himself is gleefully aware of. And if you're tired of the typical Marvel film, (whether it be by Marvel Studios or in this case, 21st Century Fox), Deadpool will provide enough joy and subversion to make it fresh.

Critical Score: 8.5 out of 10

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