Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Critical Cast - Episode 1 - Destiny Featuring Orlan Drake

Now that I've aired the pilot episode of The Critical Cast about Frasier it's time we move on to the official debut starring myself and Mr. Orlan Drake. Orlan and I are both active players of the video game, Destiny. Normally I'm not a fan of massively multiplayer online games, but I found myself very much enjoying this title and managed to hook Orlan onto it as well.

Because the game can be daunting to new players, he and I decided to do a podcast about beginning Destiny and providing new players with some hints and tips. Due to YouTube limitations that I'm facing, each part of the episode can only be 15 minutes, so the hour long podcast is divided up into four parts. 

Listen, comment, subscribe, complain, any and all of the above. Your support and interaction is greatly appreciated as I try to cultivate something that you'll find entertaining and enjoyable. 

More episodes are to follow but for now, enjoy this inaugural edition of The Critical Cast.

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