Saturday, January 2, 2016

Terrible Songs That I Like - Too Much Blood - The Rolling Stones

What The Song Is - An odd spoken word/rock song from 1983 by The Rolling Stones, off of their album from that year, Undercover. It went to number 38 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, which would be akin to getting your recipe for bran muffins printed in the hometown newspaper.

Why It's Terrible - The verses consist of Mick Jagger doing stream of consciousness rants, the first about a murder he read about, the second about how terrible the film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was. The verses are so absurdly terrible that it sounds like a bad joke and leaves you wondering how they thought this could be a good idea. The song seems to be some sort of condemnation of violence in the world, news, and film, but the last thing it does is come across as some form of serious criticism when it's this profoundly weird.

Why I Still Like It - Three reasons why actually:
1) The horn section is a really nice addition, it's not too pervasive and just pops in from time to time to accentuate the melody. The arrangement in general is pretty damn strong but the horns are a big part of it.
2) Bill Wyman's bassline just chugs right along in great form. For as ridiculous as the entire song is, it still manages to capture and settle into a tight groove.
3) The guitar licks are pretty catchy too. Between Richards and session musician Jim Barber, the two of them give what would be an otherwise terrible attempt at Mick Jagger "rapping," a rock edge.

Final Notes: If you're one of the people who gave up on The Stones after Tattoo You, "Too Much Blood" is in no way going to win you back over to listening to them. I actually don't really recommend listening to this song in general  unless you favor more obscure pieces of rock. I mean, this isn't as out there as something like, Lou Reed would've done, but it's still really weird, especially for The Stones. Maybe that's the reason, more than any other, that I still actually like it.

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