Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Neglected Hits - Nobody's Fool - Kenny Loggins

Time to get one thing out of the way very quickly; I'm not a fan of Kenny Loggins. He has a couple good songs and a strong voice, but in general I just really don't much care for his music. Loggins can be overly sentimental and when he's not, he's without substance in general. "Footloose" has no real meat to it and the hook isn't that great; "I'm Alright" is...well it's alright, and "This Is It" is well sung but lacks any punch to me.

In 1988, the world shuttered as the film Caddyshack II was released. The aforementioned song "I'm Alright" was the theme to the original Caddyshack and complimented the film nicely. Caddyshack remains one of the truly great American comedies and is one of the funniest films of all time. It's sequel on the other hand... is probably one of the worst films ever made and certainly one of the absolute worst sequels in history. I mean, Airplane II is bad but I can still get some laughs out of it; but Caddyshack II is a disaster of giant proportions.

They roped Chevy Chase back into the film and dragged in a reluctant Kenny Loggins to do the theme. You might think it would turn out horribly, but in all actuality I think this might be one of Loggins' best songs as well as one of the most underrated songs of the decade. It went to number eight on the Billboard Charts and I have heard it a grand total of once on the radio, and that was on a rerun of Casey's Coast to Coast so the station airing the program was obligated to play the song too.

Loggins' voice is in amazing form here, belting out every note with gusto and melodic force. The opening of the track is actually significantly more subdued than what it builds up to, purposely keeping itself low until the build up to the chorus and then the chorus itself. Loggins lays down an astonishing hook that's backed by a great amount of backing vocals, some guitar power chords and a bouncing bassline.

In an interesting turn, the song's bridge takes on a uniquely distinct vocal effect that gives the track a bit more variety before going back into repetition of the chorus to close it out.

I would argue that Loggins has never been stronger than on this song, outside of the remarkable "Danger Zone" that he did not write at all, so kinda hard to count that one in his favor. I would pay a radio station some pretty decent money for them to swap "Footloose" off of the playlist and throw "Nobody's Fool" in for a few rotations.

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